Why do patients choose India for heart valve replacement?

Valve replacement surgery is quite a common, but complex procedure that involves replacement of diseased cardiac valve with a new one. The new valve can be mechanical or biological in nature. Patients suffering from such health issues should not neglect getting treated as it can be risky. If the valve is not replaced, it can lead to several other problems such as heart failure, stroke, blood clots, and cardiac arrest.

Experts predict that medical tourism in India will cross $9 billion by 2020. Being one of the most economically priced medical treatment center, India is loved by many international patients. World class cardiac doctors offer the best treatments so that patients can leave the country happily.

Grand View Research, Inc. predicts that the global medical tourism market size will reach $ 131.35 billion by 2025. Isn’t that great? The Government of India has been spending a lot of money to improve the medical facilities in India and welcomes people from all over the world to visit the country for medical tourism.

India believes in “Atithi Devo Bhava” which means that “Guests are Gods”. The country treats international patients as the guests and provides world class treatments to them. Expert doctors and surgeons as well as caregivers pay special attention to the patients coming from abroad and ensure that they get treated with the best procedures when it comes to heart valve replacement.


Who needs valve replacement?

Four types of cardiac valves are present in a human body- pulmonic, aortic, mitral, and tricuspid. If any one of these gets damaged, then valve replacement needs to be done. There may be several reasons for the valve getting damaged. It is important to get the valve replaced before it causes further damage. Most of the international patients consider heart valve replacement in India as there are many cardiology surgeons and doctors offering the best procedures to help patients live a healthy life.

Why choose India for heart valve replacement?

Heart valve replacement in India is a common procedure that is done by several multispecialty hospitals. India is known for having a team of experienced and skilled cardiac surgeons who believe in complete patient satisfaction. India caters to 18% of the global medical tourism market. This number is likely to grow in the coming few years as more and more patients are looking forward to getting heart replacement treatments without spending a fortune.

Many medical tourism companies plan the visit for patients who are willing to come from the other countries. Your visit, appointment bookings, doctors’ appointment, accommodation, after treatment care, and more becomes easier when you choose DoctorValley. The expert professionals would take care of everything while you can sit back and relax. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with the expert medical tourism professionals in India to manage your bookings for treatment.


DoctorValley is a reputed medical tourism company that bridges the gap between patients and doctors. The expert professionals ensure that patients get the best heart valve replacement procedures at affordable costs.

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