Neurosurgery in India

Neurological disorders are doubtlessly among the most frightening illness that human beings face. The nervous system acts as a control tower of the body and coordinates all functions and movements of the body. Any abuse to the nervous system (brain, spinal cord and nerves) whether physical, pathological or internal; could cause serious conditions in the body. These conditions or diseases are mostly deleterious and greatly hamper the normal life of the person. Therefore, the diseases of nervous system are dealt with utmost priority and diligence. But there are inherent difficulties in diagnosing and treating these neurological diseases. Firstly the diseases in themselves are very complex and secondly neurological disorders are not very easy to comprehend. These two factors contribute to the difficulties faced by the patients as well as doctors in treating the disorders of the nervous system. However, with the advancements in the field of neurosurgery and advent of newer technologies it has become easier to diagnose and successfully treat the diseases of the nervous system.

In this time of medical advancements, India has emerged as most favored destination by medical tourists to get treated in. Neurosurgery is one among the many treatment specialties in India. Hospitals offer world-class best treatment of neurological diseases by Best Neuro Specialist in India. The Indian city of Bangalore, erstwhile known as the IT city of India is now being called the medical tourism hub of India. Bangalore shines as star when talked about Best Neurologist in Bangalore. Almost all neurological diseases can be treated in Bangalore by Best Neuro Hospital in India at Best NeuroSurgeon in India. The Best Neurologist in India are considered top notch hospitals in India. This is owing to the fact that top neurologist and neurosurgeon doctors in India are available in these neurosurgery hospitals in Bangalore. These doctors have received their trainings in UK and USA. Also they have ample work experience and are highly competent.


Neurosurgery hospitals in Bangalore

Mallige hospital, Bangalore; Manipal hospital, Bangalore, Columbia Asia Hospital, Bangalore; Aster CMI hospital, Bangalore; Apollo hospital, Bangalore; Fortis hospital, Bangalore are the best neurosurgery hospitals in Bangalore. These hospitals provide treatment for almost all neurological diseases. They provide treatment for epilepsy, cervical disc damage, cervical disc replacement, lumbar disc replacement, paralysis, awake cranioplasty, craniotomy, pediatric epilepsy surgery and removal of tumors from the brain as well as spinal cord using variously suited procedures (endoscopic pituitary surgery, laser interstitial thermal therapy, MRI- guided laser ablation for brain tumor, skull base surgery and radiosurgery). Specialized neurologists are efficient in pain management by deep brain stimulation, dorsal root entry zone surgery, painkillers and drugs for the cases of epilepsy, nerve damages and tumors. For the convenience of the patient the neurosurgery hospitals in Bangalore provide all advanced diagnostic facilities- X-rays, MRI, CT-scan, PET scan, electroencephalogram, electromyogram inside their own premises. When these neurosurgery hospitals in Bangalore are providing best treatments for neurological diseases at the hands of top neurologists and neurosurgeons in India, at the same time treatments are being offered at economical and affordable costs by Doctorvalley. Doctorvalley helps medical tourists from abroad in getting best neurological treatments in Bangalore. Doctorvalley discusses your query with specialist neurosurgeons, devises an affordable treatment plan to suit your preferences and through its strong network of neurosurgery hospitals in Bangalore provides you the best doctor and hospital combination. Doctorvalley has simplified the whole exercise to get treatment in India.

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