Why do patients choose India for heart valve replacement?

Valve replacement surgery is quite a common, but complex procedure that involves replacement of diseased cardiac valve with a new one. The new valve can be mechanical or biological in nature. Patients suffering from such health issues should not neglect getting treated as it can be risky. If the valve is not replaced, it can lead to several other problems such as heart failure, stroke, blood clots, and cardiac arrest.

Experts predict that medical tourism in India will cross $9 billion by 2020. Being one of the most economically priced medical treatment center, India is loved by many international patients. World class cardiac doctors offer the best treatments so that patients can leave the country happily.

Grand View Research, Inc. predicts that the global medical tourism market size will reach $ 131.35 billion by 2025. Isn’t that great? The Government of India has been spending a lot of money to improve the medical facilities in India and welcomes people from all over the world to visit the country for medical tourism.

India believes in “Atithi Devo Bhava” which means that “Guests are Gods”. The country treats international patients as the guests and provides world class treatments to them. Expert doctors and surgeons as well as caregivers pay special attention to the patients coming from abroad and ensure that they get treated with the best procedures when it comes to heart valve replacement.


Who needs valve replacement?

Four types of cardiac valves are present in a human body- pulmonic, aortic, mitral, and tricuspid. If any one of these gets damaged, then valve replacement needs to be done. There may be several reasons for the valve getting damaged. It is important to get the valve replaced before it causes further damage. Most of the international patients consider heart valve replacement in India as there are many cardiology surgeons and doctors offering the best procedures to help patients live a healthy life.

Why choose India for heart valve replacement?

Heart valve replacement in India is a common procedure that is done by several multispecialty hospitals. India is known for having a team of experienced and skilled cardiac surgeons who believe in complete patient satisfaction. India caters to 18% of the global medical tourism market. This number is likely to grow in the coming few years as more and more patients are looking forward to getting heart replacement treatments without spending a fortune.

Many medical tourism companies plan the visit for patients who are willing to come from the other countries. Your visit, appointment bookings, doctors’ appointment, accommodation, after treatment care, and more becomes easier when you choose DoctorValley. The expert professionals would take care of everything while you can sit back and relax. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with the expert medical tourism professionals in India to manage your bookings for treatment.


DoctorValley is a reputed medical tourism company that bridges the gap between patients and doctors. The expert professionals ensure that patients get the best heart valve replacement procedures at affordable costs.

Does India is right destination to treat neurological disorder?

Neurology is a vast stream of science which is daily coming up with new technologies to treat several neurological disorders. Nervous system is the most important part of your body which commands rest of body part. Basically your nervous system is classified into two divisions, one is central nervous system and another is Peripheral Nervous System. But just a slight disorder in any of the above mentioned nervous system can cause a severe damage to human body. To find best treatment for Neurological Disorders most of the folks are moving to India.

Major neurological disorders are listed below due to which people are struggling:

Brain stroke:

When the continuous blood supply to the brain is disrupted due to some reasons it leads to brain stroke. It causes damage in the brain cells. There are two types of brain strokes which may occur, Ishemic Stroke and Hemorrhagic stroke. Once causes due to a blocked artery, and another due to blood outflow.


It is a major disorder happens to the nervous system which causes unconsciousness, abnormal behavior, and unusual sensations too.


It is one of the severe headaches which are sensitive to light and sound. It occurs due to hormonal change in human body, stress and busy schedule.

Reasons to choose India for Neurological Surgery:

India serves you with the best treatment and also best hospital for Neurological Surgery which ensures your health retention. Here you will get the best specialist who are renowned all-round the world for treating most severe cases of Neurological disorders. Whatever is your location; you can easily book appointment with the best doctors and can seek all details required for your treatment. You can find a number of medical tourism companies India which make it an easier process for you. If you are selecting India as your destination for medical tourism then you can share your medical details with experts of medical tourism company in India and they will serve you with the prompt details, such as top doctors, type of treatment required for your health issue, expected cost, travelling arrangements, accommodation, fixing appointment with doctors, and so on. Top neurological surgeons are Dr. Mohit Bhatt, Dr. B.P. Mruthyunjayanna, Dr. P. N. Renjen, Dr. Nilesh M. Bhandari, Dr. Reena Thukral, and so on. Each of the above mentioned specialists is renowned all over the globe and is also having experience of several years in the sector of neurology. This is one of the major reasons why most of the folks are inclined towards India for getting best Neurological treatment.


Why most of folks are choosing medical tourism in Bangalore?

In the present world where folks are having a tight and stressful schedule to follow, most of them are suffering from one or other disease and Best Doctors in India are serving them with affordable treatment in India to provide them a healthy life. Mostly people don’t give much importance to such diseases at the starting stages and starting compromising with their healthy life. But do you really think you must compromise with your health? Now technology has grown up to sky high level and has solution for every disease, such as Cancer treatment in India, oncology treatment in India, Fertility Treatment, Obesity Treatment, Urology, Eye Treatment, Multi Organ Transplant, Cardiology Treatment, ENT Treatment, Gastroenterology treatment, Neurological Surgery, Cosmetic Surgery, and so on. And if you are struggling with any of these issues and willing to get permanent solutions then opting medical tourism in India is a one stop solution.

What will you gain during your medical tourism in Bangalore?

When you opt a service, you of course first search what you will gain with it. So before packing your bags for a medical tourism in India you must be aware of what you will avail from Healthcare tourism in India. To mention all the advantages of Medical Tourism in Bangalore just one article is not enough, but here you will get highlights. And if you are willing to get complete details then you can also take assistance of medical tourism company in India.  Few of the benefits are listed below:

Affordable treatment:

To treat any disease you will get multiple options but expenses are the main issue which is faced by most of the patients. The costs of treatments are exponentially rising at the present time. More or less, it is converting in to a business for this commercial world. But what about the patient who is struggling to retain his health? Therefore medical tourism company in India serves you with the list of top hospitals and best doctors who will give you apt and affordable medical treatment in India.

Use of latest technology:

Science has progressed in each sector of life; either you talk about health or connectivity. And India is counted in the list of top ten countries in appropriate use of technology. In medical sector, India has given amazing examples of treatment and each time proven their expertise. With each successive step into technology, India is coming up with more effective treatment for various diseases which are actually proven beneficial for patients.

Skilled doctors:

The ultimate motive of medical tourism will be getting best and most skilled doctor who can treat your health condition and return your health and beauty. India serves you with the best and well equipped doctors who own experience of several years in the relevant field and are skilled enough to serve you with the best results. If you still confused to select one specialist then you can also take assistance of medical tourism company India who will avail you with the list of top doctor along with their specialties and work history too which makes decision easier.


Dentistry In India

Dentistry In India

India is fast emerging as one of the best destinations for dental tourism in the world. Thousands of people from all over the globe including USA, UK, Australia, Qatar, Iran, Middle East countries, UAE, Canada, Europe etc travel to India for low cost, affordable but world class dental treatment. Dental health sub sector of Indian healthcare sector is vast and is expected to become one of the largest single country markets overseas. Dental healthcare sector of India is presently valued at US$ 2 Billion. Dentistry in India is growing impressively at the rate 20% per year and is expected to reach US$ 4 Billion by 2018. The dental health care sector constitutes 10% of medical tourism in India.

Dentistry In Ancient India

Dentistry is not new to India. Dentistry in India has been an ancient practice. The evidences of dentistry in ancient India date back to Indus valley civilization. SHUSHRUTA SAMHITA written in 600 BC clearly mentions procedures for treatment of dental caries, dental pain and tooth extraction. The CHARAK SAMHITA written in 2nd century BC describes prevention of dental caries and dental pain management. These two provide for strong evidences of dentistry in ancient India and how advanced dentistry in ancient India was. Even there are ayurvedic treatment procedures for dental caries and gum problems.

Dentistry In India: Dental Tourism

Dentistry in India is most swiftly growing sub-sector of Indian healthcare industry. Dentistry is among the most advanced fields of healthcare. With growth in awareness towards oral hygiene the demand of better and effective dental care has grown worldwide. Indian dental industry has emerged as a favored destination for dental tourism. Availability of best dental treatments at affordable cost, availability of all dental procedures, world class hospitality, English speaking staff, no wait list, internationally accredited dental facilities using latest technologies, highly trained dentists and support staff, and treatments with a humane touch attract dental tourism in India. Dentistry in India stands strong with over 1,80,000 dental professionals, 80,000 active dentists in 300+ institutes and over 5000 dental laboratories. All dental procedures; be it corrective or cosmetic, are available in India. Major dental procedures attracting dental tourism to India are root canal treatment, dental filling, dental implants, tooth coloring and reshaping, teeth whitening, gum grafting, dental bonding and bridging, cosmetic jaw surgery, lip augmentation surgery, rhinoplasty, dental capping/crowning, vertical and horizontal bone grafting, and many cosmetic dental procedures as well.

Dentistry Cost In India

Dentistry cost in India is quite less as compared to other countries. India has emerged as one of the leading players in dental tourism due to the fact that it provides people significant cost savings compared to their respective domestic health care. Dentistry costs in India are approximately 10 times cheaper than that in USA. Dentists can charge anywhere between $300 to $400 for dental filling in USA and Europe. It costs only $20 to $40 in India. A standard root canal would cost $3000 in the West, but only $150 t0 $200 in India. Dental implants that cost $2800 only cost $900 in India. Dentures which are priced at only $500 in India cost almost $3000 or more overseas. Cost of laser dentistry in India is $150 to $400, but $1000 to $3000 in USA. There is huge difference in dentistry cost in India and abroad which gives India an uppercut in dental tourism. The Indian dental industry has a reputation of delivering best dental treatments at most affordable costs.

Dentistry In Hyderabad

Hyderabad, strategically located in Asia-Pacific region has become hub of dental tourism and best dentistry in India. Hyderabad houses best dental hospitals and clinics in India providing corrective medical dentistry and cosmetic dentistry in Hyderabad at low costs. There are highly trained dentists and orthodontic surgeons and support staff providing world class dental treatment in Hyderabad. The place is easily accessible from all parts of world through air connectivity. Other cities to avail the benefits of dentistry in India are Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, and Chennai.

Doctorvalley: The Best To Ask

Doctorvalley is the best medical tourism company to trust with your medical treatment in India. Headquartered in Bangalore, India we have extensive network of best dental hospitals and best dentists in India in all major cities- Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bangalore. We are specialized service providers of dental treatment to medical tourist from abroad with commitment and professionalism. Doctorvalley customizes treatment plans as per the needs of its clients and gives option to select from best treatment plans. We take responsibility of managing all your needs from planning travel to arranging your accommodation, treatment plan, hospital and doctor selection and daily needs so that you are free of worries while you go through your treatment. We are your one stop solution to all your worries.


Medical tourism company India

Medical treatment is another name of life which gives a new hope to live a healthy life. Most of the people are struggling with multiple health issues due to unbalanced daily routine and diet too. In present day health issue are found easily but best treatments are hard to find. Are you also struggling with any health issue and searching for the best treatment? Then you can choose medical tourism company in India where you can get a complete combination of technology and skills too. Doctor Valley is the most renowned medical tourism company in India which guides you with the best and complete information about each and every doctor and hospitals too relevant to your health issues.

Why Doctor Valley is renowned as Medical tourism company India?

Doctor Valley is the best and the only platform where you can get the best guidance relevant to your health issue and also can find details about top doctors, hospitals, cost estimation, and many more. We understand that stepping into a new country is tough for you and when you are struggling with your health issues then it becomes more difficult to manage each thing alone. Therefore, at doctor Valley we serve you with experts who are well informed with the whole Indian medical sector and assist you throughout your medical tourism in India. Services which are provided by the best medical tourism company in India are listed below:


Ultimate motive to find a Medical tourism company India is getting the best doctor who can treat your health issues from the roots and can help you to live a healthy life ahead. Our experts serve you with a list of top doctors who are well equipped with latest technologies and also are having experience of various several years to give you best result.


Cost is another concern for which most of the foreigners are highly concerned and never proceed for a treatment in any other country. But our medical tourism experts in India give you a proper estimate of cost expenses and make your treatment easy and comfortable. We serve you with different packages, among which you can select the one that fits your budget. Our medical tourism company in India serves you with the easiest way of treatment.


In foreign country mostly people strive for accommodation and also struggle with the budget management. If you are struggling with the same then experts of our medical tourism company in India guide you with the best hotels providing amazing hospitality which will please you and make your stay comfortable as you were expecting.

Apart from the above mentioned facilities we serve with many more services such as visa approval, transportation, fixing appointments and so on. With each step our medical tourism experts try to make your trip comfortable and also treat you with the best and most proven manner which will ensure success of your Indian medical tour. So don’t waste your time and get in touch with our experts and plan your medical tour to India.


Medical Tourism From Bangladesh

Bangladesh shares a vast boundary and culture with India. Being not a very technologically advanced country, Bangladesh faces severe healthcare crisis due to its corrupt and expensive healthcare system. Many Bangladeshi for the past two decades have been travelling overseas to neighboring countries such as India, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore for medical treatment. India is however major destination for medical tourism form Bangladesh. There is an increasing trend of lower middle class and upper middle class Bangladeshi patients flying to India for their treatments. The main reasons for Bangladeshis to trail to India for medical treatment are non availability of specialized treatment, high cost, corruption and lack of medical expertise. India makes an excellent destination for Bangladeshi people to get medical treatment owing to its close proximity to the country, world-class healthcare facilities at cheaper prices and common language and culture.


India has become a world-class hi-tech healing destination for low cost medical treatment and low cost medical tourism. India has many advantages for Bangladeshi patients, in terms of modern healthcare and medical facilities, qualified doctors and nurses, quality control by JCI, low cost of medical treatment, no waiting period, quality of care with human touch, best medical treatment besides geographical proximity to Bangladesh, low transport cost, no language barrier, similar food, culture and presence of relatives and friends which makes India an attractive destination for medical treatment not only for patients from Bangladesh  but also from other developed countries. India is a valley of highly competent and experienced doctors coming from best hospitals in India. India provides world class and best treatments at affordable costs and reasonably lower costs compared to other countries.


India offers best medical treatments of nearly all diseases so far. Patients from Bangladesh come to India under Medical tourism to India from Bangladesh mostly for orthopedic surgeries, eye surgeries, heart surgeries, neurological diseases, dental surgeries, diseases of liver and spleen, organ transplantation and cancer treatment. Maximum amount of medical tourism to India from Bangladesh is for heart surgeries and neurological diseases. Patients from overseas can get best medical treatment in India at Best Hospitals in India. Apollo hospitals New Delhi, Artemis Hospital, Max Super Specialty hospital, Fortis Healthcare, Medanta Medicity are some of the best hospitals in India.


India stands apart from all the medical tourism destinations worldwide in providing cheapest medical treatments. One can avail same treatments in India at 20-30% lower costs compared to that in Bangladesh. Also India is the cheapest destination for Bangladeshi patients to get treated due it close proximity to the country. Bangladesh has access to India via road, water and air transport making it the closest and most viable destination for Bangladeshi patients to get medical treatment. They are offered a diversity of medical treatments in India that are not available in Bangladesh. Indian medical industry is receiving medical tourism from Bangladesh since past 20 years and imparting best medical treatments to them at affordable costs.


Doctorvalley being one of the premier medical tourism providers in India receives a huge number of patients from Bangladesh looking for medical treatment in India. Doctorvalley assists them from very beginning- getting medical VISA, plans their travel, arranges for their comfortable stay and gets them the best treatment package as per their need and requests. Patients from Bangladesh prefer Kolkata to get their treatments due to familiarity of language and tradition. Mostly Bangladeshi patients do not encounter any language barrier in India; however, if they choose to get treated in any other city such as Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai or Chennai they might face language barrier. Doctorvalley provides them with a Bangla language translator to ensure that language doesn’t come in between their proper treatment. We at Doctorvalley get them the best hospital and best doctor combination as per the requirement of their disease. We believe in “ATITHI DEVO BHAVA” (GUESTS ARE GOD) and do our best to keep them free of worries while they go through their treatments.


Cancer Treatment in India

Cancer Treatment in India

Cancer is one of those diseases which make a huge difference to the victim’s life. There are various kinds of cancers which causes due to an abnormal cell development. Now the rate of cancer patients is increasing day by day, and India is one of the most preferred countries for treatment. If you are also struggling with the same then India welcomes you with the best treatment also best hospitality which you may not find anywhere else. And if you are seeking a guidance which can provide you detailed information about top most doctors, hospitals, cost and so on for Cancer treatment in India then you are at the right place. Doctor Valley is the one and only platform serving with the detailed information about above mentioned aspects and also includes best hospitality in India which gives you a feel of your own country with your own people.

Why opt doctor valley for cancer treatment in India?


We understand it is a critical time for you when you need someone who can guide you the best treatment along with proper information of rest facets like accommodation, travelling and so on. Therefore Doctor Valley starts assisting you right from your own mother land. Here is a glance of our services which makes your cancer treatment in India easy and comfortable:


  • Visa:

Our experts start assisting you right from your own mother land by helping you in getting visa for India and make your trip easy and comfortable for you. Just you need to connect with our experts and share your medical and other details, rest of the arrangements are taken care by the experts of doctor valley.

India is known as the biggest valley of skilled doctors but who can be a suitable option for you might be a big question for you. Our experts assist you in resolving this issue. We listen to your health issues first, then after determining all your medical details suggest you the best and most efficient doctor based on your health condition.

  • Accommodation:

When you are away from your home, accommodation is the biggest issue which basically restricts you to fly to another country for treatment. But if you have selected India for your cancer treatment then no need to worry. Our experts make a perfect arrangement for your accommodation keeping your comfort and budget into consideration.