8 Interest Ideas To Burn Calories Fast And Speed Up Your Metabolism

24 Dec 2018 Health Care, Medical

The word metabolism is often used interchangeably with the number of calories you burn. And the number of calories burned is directly associated with your weight loss. However, the higher is your metabolism, the more you can burn your calories and the easier it is to lose weight. But, the problem is many people just go around and tries a million different things that all conflict with each other and give no results. It is therefore required to take the right steps in the right direction to speed up the metabolism and subsequently the weight loss. If you think that is impossible, then you are all wrong.

The first thing you need is to be positive, and secondly, it’s certainly possible as one of the first things that you’ll learn doing is to stop sabotaging your body.

Next is to follow the below tricks by Doctor Valley. It will help you shed weight faster and prevent it from coming back again.

Stay Hydrated

The general population believes that dieticians sound like a crazy person when it comes to the whole water thing. But, they don’t know its importance or are ignoring it intentionally. It is usually recommended to drink the eight cups of water a day to help your body perform at its peak levels. People who drink water instead of sugary drinks are more successful in losing weight and keeping weight gain at bay. The reason is that sugary drinks consist of calories and replacing them with water automatically lowers down your calorie intake.

However, several studies state that if we drink 0.5 litres of water, we can increase our resting metabolism by 10–30% for about an hour. So, drinking water also speeds up your metabolism. This effect of calorie-burning if higher if you drink cold water, as your body uses energy to heat it up to body temperature. Most importantly, water can also help fill you up. So, you should drink water a half an hour before your meals. It will help you in eating less.

Sleep for Longer Time

Unfortunately, in our culture, we tend to associate sleep with being sluggish. But, this is the myth as we are now familiar that sleeping boosts the metabolism. So the more you’ll sleep the more fat you’ll burn. Sleep is also responsible for regulating hormones that control energy production and appetite. So, if you’ll skip your sleep, your body will produce more ghrelin, which triggers cravings and less leptin. This will make you feel unsatisfied with your food intake.

If these reasons are not enough to prioritize your eight hours a night, then here is one more. Sleeping more is linked to the longevity of life, too. Researchers say that sleep partners with stress in a vicious cycle leading to shortening life by quadrupling stroke risk and weakening your immune system.

Avoid Drinking

These days’ happy hours and late night cocktails have become common things. But, you should not ignore the fact that it can cause a great impact on your metabolism the next day. Also, research says that the day after a night of drinking, there is a significant dip in your metabolism. And when you combine this with your late night hangover cravings, you’ve invited and got a double disaster.

Eating Healthy

As all calories are not equal, eating slow-burning calories will help prolong the feeling of being full, and will consequently keep your hunger at bay. So, try to intake high-fibre carbohydrates like legumes and healthy fats such as avocado and oily fish that will help release energy at a slower, more controlled pace.

Use Coconut Oil for Cooking

Coconut oil, unlike other saturated fats, is relatively high in medium-chain fats. And medium-chain fats can increase your metabolism higher than the long-chain fats present in foods like butter.

Researchers have analyzed from a study that medium-chain fats can increase the metabolism by 12%, in contrary to long-chain fats, which just raise it by 4%.

Because of the unique fatty acid profile of coconut oil, you should cook your food using coconut oil instead of other cooking fats that do not have modest benefits for weight loss.

Eat Some Protein

Whatever we eat has a thermal effect on our body. It happens before eating uses up a lot of calories to digest and process the nutrients. Also, the food with proteins needs the largest calories to burn. Higher intake of proteins also means that you are full for a longer time. Therefore, you should start eating eggs, fish and oats to include a good dose of protein in your diet.

Spice up your Mouth

In chillies and peppers, there is an ingredient known as Capiscain that heats up your mouth and increases your metabolism up to 23%. It is because our body’s sympathetic nervous system, fight or flight response system becomes more active after eating the Capiscain, demanding more energy. Therefore, it’s best to add half a tablespoon of chopped chillies to your food.

Drink Green Tea or Oolong Tea

Drinking green tea and oolong tea can increase the metabolism rate to a greater extent. These teas help in transforming some of the fat stored in your body into free fatty acids. And this may increase fat burning in a body by 10–17%.  These teas are low in calories, and it is, therefore, drinking these teas may prove beneficial for both weight loss and weight maintenance. Their metabolism-boosting attributes may help prevent the dreaded weight loss plateau that mainly happens because of a decrease in metabolism.

Quick Wrap up

So, just make some small lifestyle changes and incorporate these tips into your routine to increase your metabolism. With a higher metabolism, you can easily shed weight and keep it off, while also gaining more energy.

As with all weight loss tricks, no weight loss strategy can work if you don’t like it. As if you don’t like it, it’s not going to benefit you in any way. So, follow what you like and leave the rest. So if you like the taste of tea, you’re likely to stick with, and it’s going to work well for you.

In case your problem cannot be resolved with the help of above-given tricks, or you are suffering from excessive fat or obesity, you can consult the Doctor Valley best Bariatric doctors and surgeons in Bangalore for Obesity treatment.

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